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Vicki Newman

UK illustrator Vicki Newman has a very delicate yet boldly flourishing sensibility to her work. We asked her how she would describe her approach to her artwork: ‘I start out very traditionally with good old fashioned pencil on paper and scribble around for a while. These then become elements of the illustration or get redrawn. Then I pull out the big guns and cut up the composition and add color with Photoshop and Illustrator. Then I smile and frown at it for a while until I figure out if it’s finished or not’. Is it a natural process for you or it something you labor over? ‘I think it can sometimes be a mixture of both. I remember once being told that all artwork is created in a constant cycle of perfection and disaster. The trick is knowing when to stop at the right point!’ You gravitate to certain colors a lot. Light blues, pinks and greens in particular. Any particular reason for this? ‘I certainly give a lot of consideration to selecting colors when I create a piece. However, I think it must be unconscious that these end up being from a similar color pallet. Perhaps it all comes down to these colors working well with graphite grey’. Your work is very ornate and floral. Are you a flower or chocolates kind of girl? ‘Can I be both? I guess I’d be a flowers girl as they are so handy to draw and smell so good! I’d also say I was a snowboard and surfing girl too!’