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McSweeney’s Quarterly

There’s something extraordinary about Dave Eggers. Capturing characters and tales in simple yet captivating language, he has become the writer of our generation. Socially aware, humble and obsessed with injecting life into literature, Eggers has gained international respect not only for his award-winning texts, but for his work in granting other writers exposure. One such avenue Eggers is responsible for creating is McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern, a ground-breaking publication featuring art and words from some of the world’s most original artists. Established in 1998, McSweeney’s was originally pitched as a journal for writers who had had their work rejected by other magazines. In an industry that prides itself on profit-making, it’s incredibly refreshing to see that issue after issue, McSweeney’s Quarterly heralds creativity over profit. Issue 23 of the publication is out now and features the work of ten amazing young writers including Wells Tower, Ann Beattie and Chris Bachelder. Like all of the publications Eggers is involved with, the Quartley is created to stimulate the senses fusing literary originality with artistic flair. Issue 23 is perfect-bound and encased in a stunning poster that unfolds into 5sq feet of creative genuis. On one side is a stunning frame-worthy piece of art from Andrea Dezö and on the other a collection of short stories by Eggers. McSweeney’s attempts to balance out the amount of trash our generation reads with substantial and unique works of literature set to amuse, challenge and inspire. Definitely worth the credit card charge.