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With distribution as far-reaching as Japan, Australia, Spain and the UK, bi-monthly magazine FACT has been covering the best in music and art since 2003 – and best of all, it’s free. We spoke to editor, Sean Bidder: ‘We were, and still are, in love with magazines — and looked back to two particular periods for inspiration – what we considered to be the “golden age” of magazine publishing in the 1930s, when art and lifestyle magazines were beautifully produced products, and to the thrilling, vital and independent DIY fanzine culture that first sprung up in the 1960s’. ‘Unlike the mass of PR-led, celebrity-orientated news-stand titles, these magazines felt, and still feel, genuinely special, a mix of opinionated and informed writing about the broader margins of popular culture, and great, original artwork, with high production values: things you want to keep and collect rather than dispose. Our remit is simple enough, we want to champion great new music and those artists who are making it’.