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I heart 80s

This is one for all you New York-based 80s tragics out there (yes, that means you. And you too, hiding in the corner wearing the hyper-color t-shirt and Scritti Politti bangs). I’m kicking off a monthly 1980s themed night at Williamsburg’s Monkey Town on Wednesday August 1. It’ll be a movie and music night, celebrating the best (and worst) of that wondrous decade when BMX’s ruled the streets and rat-tails were still a symbol of underground credibility; when we shook our tail to Come on Eileen and Molly Ringwald held both the lock and key to our pitter pattering hearts. When it was all ice-skating and fairy floss; skateboards and trading cards; bags of chips by the rusty school fence and sunburnt faces on crackling summer days. And all the while a soundtrack of pure musical indulgence played on and on and on. The first movie to be screened on August 1st will be (drum roll please) 1985’s Desperately Seeking Susan, starring Madonna and Rosanna Arquette, to be followed by a set of awesome 80s music from DJ The Fists of Sonny Choo – playing everything from Human League to Duran Duran, Men Without Hats, Nik Kershaw, Nina … the list is endless. And the night is free. So please spread the word and come along to the launch as we let the trip back to the future begin. Wait a minute. Back to the Future. Now there’s an idea.

Listen to Nouvelle Vague’s cover of the 1980 XTC track, Making Plans For Nigel.