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Olivier Blanc

Talented illustrator, Olivier Blanc, who recently made the move from France to the UK, describes his style as being ‘a sexy, detailed, organised mess’. So where did the initial motivation come from? ‘Drawing came naturally. The work of my dad was a great inspiration. It’s a big part of me and I think I could not live without it’. What process does each piece go through? ‘Each piece is started by hand with sketches. It helps me to organise my thoughts towards a concept. Once I know exactly what I want and I am satisfied with it, I translate my work onto Illustrator and Photoshop. I use these to finalise my compositions’. Any exciting projects in the pipeline? ‘At the moment, my work is being exhibited in Middlesbrough in England. One of my images has also been short listed by the Wanted project, to be exhibited in Barcelona in July’. Who or what inspires you? ‘A lot of different things. What influences me the most is music – from Air to Doc Gyneco. I need it to think and work. It puts me in the right mood, as it provides the inspiration for both the colours and the graphics’.