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Doc Duudle has duudlenza

Sune Ehlers is Planet Earth’s finest doodler. We interviewed him recently: Do you compulsively doodle? ‘Yes. At fourteen my dad brought me to see a doctor and I was diagnosed with duudlenza: a compulsion to mess up all surfaces with Biros’. Ever doodled a masterpiece and then scrunched it up by mistake? ‘I once poured a bottle of Barolo all over a canvas. The brilliant wine was undrinkable afterwards. Completely ruined’. What project is taking up most of your time at the moment? ‘Some big motifs, which should eventually end up on canvas. I’m aiming for a cut-out look. I have an army of tiny beings that do the stuff I’m too chicken to do myself. They are the ones telling it like it is, doing edgy stuff and acting all brilliant while I’m hiding under our duudled upon sofa’. How’s [doodle partner] Mr Jon Burgerman? ‘He is living in Nottingham, which is a city with thousands and thousands of tiny Robin Hood hats, shields, arrows, cups and merry Brother Tuck figurines. So I guess that’s why he is like he is – a brilliant tea-craving man’. What’s usually playing on your stereo when you’re illustrating? ‘These days I’m into African funk from the 70’s – Fela Kuti and stuff like that. Not at all bad’.
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