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Andrew Brandou

American artist Andrew Brandou infuses most of his work with watererd down colours amongst which animals invariably lurk in the background. Of his interest in art and animals he told Fecal Face: ‘I use animals to imply very specific things most of the time. For instance, a lion is generally accepted as a leader, or king of the jungle, so I may use him as Charlie Manson if that is relevant to the piece. on the other hand, rabbits generally lend themselves to be the every-man in my piece, and pigs are often a police state or an elite though ignorant class. I stick somewhat close to the use of animals you find in parables, myths and fairy-tales throughout the ages. That said, a lot of my work is supposed to appear like childrens books from the 40s -60s, and anthropomorphic animals have a massive presence in that work as well’.