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Reverend Molotov

Ok, his bio says it better than we could: ‘The Reverend is a peaceful, angry man, who lives on the top of the tallest branch on the tallest tree in Bloodsausage Wood. From up there he can see everything clearly, except himself. He stands there all day everyday, swaying in the wind, trying to create vibrant contemporary images, using the surreal characters that inhabit his strange, smelly world. He likes to juxtapose these against various objects and painting styles in the hope that the characters catch the eye of the viewer, and draw their attention into the goings on in the rest of the painting. He envisions his art as a visual equivalent to contemporary music, in that he likes to sample and mix imagery and styles in order to compose a finished piece. The Reverend is far stranger than his paintings’. And so he is. Nice work though. [see also Edwina White]