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Big Ass Fans

These fans are as brave as their name. Coming to you from Kentucky, America, they offer huge diameters at a leisurely speed. Referred to as BVLS (Big Volume/Low Speed), these ceiling fans range from 6-24 ft. in diameter and are a refined piece of engineering machinery that drives hot ceiling air down to the floor space. The low speed creates a steady breeze that increases the rate of perspiration evaporated from the skins surface. Big Ass Fans primary market so far has been in the rural and industrial sectors, with phrases on their website like ‘Big Ass Fans in your barn keeps the cows comfy and happy which in turn results in higher milk production!’. But they clearly have their eye on a broader market with the ability to customize colours and design variation choice. Expect to see them introduced to hospitality and retail spaces looking to get that industrial feel.