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Tigercity interview

We interviewed Joel, the bassplayer with our new favourite band Tigercity. I said on Lost At E Minor your music is like a cross between Steely Dan and Bee Gees. Fair call? ‘Influences from both bands are definitely in there, but I wouldn’t say that covers it. We’re proud to say it’s hard to pin down Tigercity’s sound with a two band referrence, and I think thats a result of a natural creative flow we’ve found recently. That being said, we’re not preaching some sort of intense originality and really don’t want to come off as pretentious. We’re just trying to write good songs and have fun with it’. As a fellow Brooklyner, how dynamic is the music scene in the Borough? It seems like everyone is playing in band, has a housemate who plays in a band, or at least regularly watches a friends band play. ‘Everyone I know in Brooklyn, and in New York in general, are really supportive of their friend’s bands — whether they play or not — and it’s been an amazing experience learning about the networks of music players and music lovers in this area. I think its unfair to a lot of artists to talk about New York music with sweeping generalizations based on blog reviews or label signings, especially to the crews who don’t care about the industry and take pride in their outsider approach to making music’. Your arcade game publicity pic is fun. [Brooklyn bar and arcade room] Barcade anyone? ‘Yes, Barcade is the jam. Best game in there is Star Wars’.