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InterfaceFLOR: carbon neutral carpet

Ray Anderson, founder of the carpet tile company InterfaceFLOR, went from just complying with legislation to taking on the responsibility of the environmental consequences of his business. Anderson has challenged his colleagues to achieve zero environmental footprint by 2020, becoming what he calls a ‘restorative enterprise‘, a sustainable operation that takes nothing out of the earth that cannot be recycled or quickly regenerated, and that does no harm to the biosphere. To date, their use of fossil fuels is down 45 percent and net greenhouse gas production is down 60 percent. Globally, the company’s carpet-making uses one-third the water it used to. The company’s worldwide contribution to landfills has been cut by 80 percent. His Interface experience teaches that sustainability ‘doesn’t cost, it pays’. The company offers carbon neutral carpet on all their commercial products. What a challenge to existing business practices.