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Fashion editor, Bianca Chong, has been at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week: One of my favourite designers, Bowie, was the first show I saw for the week and as usual he didn’t disappoint. This season Bowie has an eclectic and quirky mix of fabrics, colours, and styles for both guys and girls that form his well-received collection. For girls, it ranged from his sexy, feminine designs — some with an overlay of lace or pleated fabrics — through to more structured pieces like the corset dress and pants. The main colours were lemon, salmon, black and red with a splash of metallic. For guys, there were his petrol pump shirts and his Si Fi jump suits in bright orange. His soft casual sports jackets and shorts in beige may also be a sign of what guys will be wearing this summer. My favourite piece though was the hot chili sequin t-shirt in black for that original and fun ‘look at me’ moment.