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Art, Illustration

Andrew Schoultz

San Francisco-based artist Andrew Schoultz works across several mediums, from large-scale street installations to sprawling murals, but it’s his medieval-themed illustrations that are most fascinating. He told Fecal Face about his interest in this subject: ‘A lot of the reoccurring themes have to do with the fact that I am drawn to story telling. In stories, characters re-occur and build themselves. I like the idea of developing a character or image. Painting and drawing something over and over again seems like a very natural way to develop something. Undoubtedly, if you paint the same thing hundreds of times, it is naturally only going to get better and better and development can’t help but happen. Repetition also stems from being involved in graffiti for the last half of my life. Writing the same word over and over, and slowly it changes, and finds a meaning. Some of the imagery I have been using as of late is sort influenced by a cross section between 15th century German map making, and Indian miniature painting from around that same time period. Most of the purpose behind these two art movements was for conquering new frontiers, telling stories of war, spirituality, belief systems, and also for the recording of history of those time periods. I am trying to form a parallel with this time period but sort of contemporize it, and address the same subjects that they were addressing but in a present day sense’.