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Tristan Still

Sydney-based photographer Tristan Still discusses the inspiration behind his raw and confronting images. ‘I started when I was sixteen; around the same time I started skateboarding. I loved how the camera could catch and freeze any moment in time’. What are you trying to achieve with each photo? ‘I’m almost always trying to engage the audience in some way, to draw them in and wonder about the who, why and where of the photo’. What is your ideal subject to shoot? ‘People. People in photographs fascinate me – we’re such bizarre creatures with weird little habits, and we’re all so infinitely different. When I see photographs of people, I can’t help but want to know all about this person, their life, what they do, who they are’. Finish this sentence: when I’m not busy photographing, I’m usually… ‘on my skateboard, travelling to skate spots around Australia and the world, playing with my band Hee Haw and teaching photography to enthusiastic students!’