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The Kissaway Trail

Interview with Danish indie five-piece The Kissaway Trail. With two songwriters and two vocalists can it be hard to agree on creative direction? ‘No, not so far, rather the opposite. As we don’t write the songs together there is really nothing to discuss in the initial creative process. So far it has been much more of a strength as we inspire one another a lot’. We hear your producer is 20 years old. Very impressive. How did you discover him? ‘I know Niels from a while back. Later Søren and I took a Music Production course with him and he produced a couple of demos with other projects we did seperately pre The Kissaway Trail. When he heard some of the demos for what was to become the Kissaway Trail’s debut album, he said that he simply had to produce the album. And what he had to offer was great, so the rest is history’. So what’s this trail you’re kissing away? ‘Hopefully it is a trail leading to a lot of good experiences and which wil eventually take us to Australia’.

Listen to Smother + Evil = Hurt by The Kissaway Trail.