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Mouths trapped in static

John Lennon was right, these are ‘strange days indeed’. Mind you, he also claimed to have seen ‘a UFO over New York’ and ‘Nazis in the bathroom, just below the stairs’, so he may not have been the most reliable witness. But his synopsis on life – and our own mystical, convoluted place in it – is not without merit. Heck, any world in which the soundtrack to Pink Floyd’s masterpiece Dark Side Of The Moon can run in direct parallel to an allegorical take on populism is one that defies logic, reason and the basic tenets of civilisation as we know it. But I digress, for there are far more important issues to discuss; deep seeded questions which cut at the very nature of humanity. Like what is the sound of one hand clapping and do canaries ever get tired of singing? [artwork by Will Cotton]