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The Red Romance [re-loaded]

A little while back we ran something on the exciting New York band, The Red Romance, tipping them for big things in 2007. I recently interviewed their drummer Darren Beckett and asked him how the recent tour of America with The Killers went. ‘The tour was amazing. They have been very supportive – great guys. I think we were the first unsigned band to play Madison Square Gardens! We were doing everything ourselves – driving, printing tee-shirts, pressing demos, selling merch, and, of course, playing! I think playing at The Garden was the highlight. We all live in New York, so it was a dream come true’.

The groundswell of support on the back of a four-track demo has been immense for you guys. Has it been a little overwhelming? ‘We are trying to survive in New York, which is hard enough in itself. I think we just have a goal to make the best possible music, to write great songs. We don’t really know what’s happening around us. Of course we notice more people are showing up at shows. People have been very supportive, which is much appreciated. We love you all!’ Are you all romantics at heart or is the notion of real romance dead in this digital age we live in? ‘We are modern gentlemen. We want to spread the romance. There’s nothing like falling in love with a beautiful woman. It changes your life; you start acting like a baby … mama’. What’s your favourite Red Romance song and why? ‘The next one! We have a new song called Just One Kiss. It’s not on the demo. It will be on our E.P. which will be out around spring. From the demo I really like Breakaway and Rock and roll’. How would you describe Red Romance as a time of day? ‘The Red Romance would be 3am with your silk bathrobe and slippers on. Or off!’

*LISTEN* to a sample of their song Like I Do now: