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Lynda Holt

For all you girls out there hunting for that ultimate piece of jewellery that possesses the 3 ‘Gz’ — glitzy, glam, and gorgeous — and is sure to make a statement, turn heads and show you are a unique fashionista, then Lynda Holt is the jewellery designer for you. As I was sashaying around the many stalls at Australia Fashion Week in Sydney two years ago, I was struck with these colourful, chunky, and beautiful creations. Each piece is hand-made with a delicious blend of exotic and exquisite materials sourced from Asian, Parisian, Italian and Indian bead markets. Lynda’s creations have always attracted attention. My faves are the bright Turquoise/Red Chandelier necklace, adorned with large glass charms, Swarovski crystals, pearls, silk ribbon, trinkets and beads. And I can’t go past the vibrant Party Cracker necklaces made with ribbons of colour, crystals, fresh water pearls, stones, soft leather and the most fabulous sequined European ribbon. For a full range of her funky and innovative designs visit the Lynda Holt website.