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Go or go ahead

Annabelle Jasmin Verhoye has an exhibition of new paintings opening at New York’s Opera Gallery on November 30. Verhoye’s work ‘seeks to create imagery on multiple dimensions that is at once true to her subject’s form, yet with an additional layer of interpretation. The resulting effect is one of elucidating both the scene’s objective nature as well as its inner essence and the mood it organically creates. Many of her new pieces are pure landscapes, but some also involve human subjects seamlessly integrated within natural settings with an intent and purpose that is emotive and powerful. She plays with both monochromic backdrops as well as vistas that pull the viewer into the piece with gradients of light and depth. It is in part in the detail of her work that the artist’s style is first revealed: painted on the backside of glass, the colors of the images are applied in various coats, inspired in part by Europe’s stained glass windows’.