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Two Gallants (are better than one)

My favourite rock duo, the San Francisco band Two Gallants, are killing it right now. They’re touring around everywhere at the moment, taking their waltz-like rhythms and sea shanty melodies to unsuspecting punters around the world. I was lucky to catch vocalist and guitarist, Chelsea Jackson on a rare week off. The lyrics that you write are like mini-short stories. Where do these ideas come from? ‘The ideas for songs come primarily from McDonalds Happy Meals, the banks of the Russian river, the pillow stains of a toothless old spinster, and the back of Campbell soup cans’. What do you see as the major differences in terms of sound and direction between the two albums? ‘The newer album [What The Toll Tells] sounds more realistic. It sounds like music. The Throes, our first record, sounds a bit flat and digital. We just remixed it recently and we are very happy with the new version. It’s coming out around Christmas time I believe’. Which do you listen to the most at home or in the car or tour bus? ‘I haven’t listened to either of them leisurely since they were recorded. There is something kind of perverse about sitting around listening to your own creation. It’s done. It’s behind us. Tomorrow is evasive enough as it is. I would rather focus on what’s to come’.