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The Paper Scissors

Interview with Jai Pyne, frontman of young Sydney band, The Paper Scissors — one of Lost At E Minor’s hot tips for 2007. We Don’t walk was the breakthrough single for you this year. Where did that bassline come from and what were the lyrics on about? ‘We Don’t Walk came out of a jam in our basement in Redfern. I started playing the high guitar riff and Xavier just came up with the bassline. I think it works because it’s simple. The lyrics I am not that proud of. They are pretty much just a summary of ambition and a made up story of a kind of cowboy shoot-out. ‘With my eye on your hand’ is just watching out and taking care of myself. The chorus is reflective of the way the song developed, from the band and not just myself. Thus the repetition of We. How are the new recordings progressing and are there plans to put out more singles from the first proper EP? The new recordings are going really well. We are in Byron Bay [NSW] recording at Fracas Studios, which is my father’s business. This helps as we are doing everything on our own terms. I am producing and we are just going nuts, without anyone breathing down our necks. We are pretty early in the process, but I am excited about how the record is going to sound. It is going to cover a lot of ground stylistically. I am almost afraid that people might not get it because it is so all over the shop. But at the same time, I think that the musical climate needs diversity and something to contrast against the stale and monotonous state that is accepted as the current ‘sound’. I know that people are ready and are waiting for a change, and I think The Paper Scissors, amongst some other bands that are waiting in the wings, will soon rise and eliminate the structured and generic status quo. There will be mariachi trumpets giving way to nasty as fuck rock songs, gay disco, noise, and folk love-songs. You will dance, you will cry, there will be screaming, brass, three drum kits playing at once, but the album will be about great songs and sounds. Journos will definitely use the terms ‘eclectic’ and ‘ambitious’. Rock, paper or scissors — what do you usually go for first up? Generally it depends on my mood. Just then I went scissors. I prefer stationery to nature most of the time, but sometimes it’s nice just to sit on a rock.

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