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Elevator Music

Steven Harrington

This one comes direct from the source: ‘Appearing spontaneously in elevators throughout Melbourne’s CBD, Random Acts of Elevator Music will enlighten the consciousness of office workers with live muzaktronica. Dressed in suits, their portable studio hidden in briefcases, who knows where these undercover sonic redesigners will next strike. Log on to their website for the inside tip on where and when to experience the soothing oscillations and melodies of Random Acts of Elevator Music. Just don’t tell your HR department or the security guy at the front desk. Random Acts of Elevator Music will occur in CBD office buildings on weekdays within office hours during the Melbourne Fringe Festival between Monday October 2 and Friday October 13. Each evening information will be posted to the Random Acts of Elevator Music website on where they will appear the following day’. [see also Noah Butkus]