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Meditations on life

Ok, some random news and observations about this thriving, jiving metropolis that is New York City. 1. There are that many tattoos around Williamsburg, Brooklyn that I reckon I’m making more of a statement by not having one! Seriously. People nod at me on the street as if to say, ‘cool man, I love that clean skin. Where’d ya get it done?’ 2. I have officially eaten too much cheese in the past few weeks. Yup, I have started hallucinating about it. It morphs into my thoughts; it talks to me in the shower; it is my friend; my mistress; my temptress; and my chartered accountant. I can eat no more of it. Not even one hardened, processed slice. 3. Whenever I wear my Tight Knickers’ ‘Chaos is just a nightclub in Manhattan’ t-shirt, I get more confused and fearful stares than the time I accidentally walked out of the toilets without my pants on in year three. 4. I dreamed the other night that I was trapped in a lift with Kirsten Dunst, Donald Trump and the Fat Kid out of the atrocious Australian TV series, Hey Dad. What the hell does this mean? Would Freud know? Would Dr Phil know? [painting by Alex Gross]