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Porous Walker

With all the subtlety of a sledgehammer (albeit a well drawn one), Porous Walker’s illustration work comes across as fresh yet grounded in a sense of brutal realism. Born as Jimmy Di Marcellis on an airplane from New York to Rome in 1974, Porous confesses these days to be compelled to share his every thought on paper in the form of illustrations, in sculptures, and in his interesting street installations. His work is distinctive for its quirky take on common catchphrases, all delivered with a minimalist colour palette [similar in its execution, in many respects, to the work of Edwina White]. By his own admission, he aspires to put his ideas out there in the simplest form. And he succeeds. But one can’t help but think that there are layers of social commentary buried beneath the bare bones of his sketches. [see also James Alley; Eduardo Recife]