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Miriam Chatt

Nice thematic work from Sydney-based artist, Miriam Chatt, who ‘makes art in her free time to fully satiate her appetite for colours, textures and shape. She has a CMYK chart on her wall and can wax expertise on typography, but she can also knit your nana into shame. Her obsessions include maps, masquerade and textiles and her work is interested in the aesthetic tensions of consciousness and anatomy’. This photo is part of a series of self-portraits shot in a structured setting. ‘I have hand made coloured filters similar to those attached to Holga Cameras, resulting in thematic, spectral images exploring concepts of identity, displacement, masquerade, sexuality, loneliness, and youth’. They will be on display as part of an exhibition at
Mori Gallery, Darling Harbour, Sydney, between September 6 and October 4. [see also Caroline McCredie; Terry Palka]