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Hush Puppies

Exclusive interview with Olivier from French pop band, Hush Puppies. Do you have a shoe fetish or is the name just reflective of the soft but sweet nature of your sound? ‘Both of them! Except that our fetish shoe is the Chelsea boot! And we think our sound is not so soft. It’s more heavy and sweet’. We hear a lot of electro out of France but not so much pop and rock. Why do so many French bands struggle to break it internationally? ‘Because of the reputation most of the French bands have abroad, many people think that there is no good rock and pop bands in France. Just as our French electro scene is hip worldwide, we hope that the French rock scene will have the same international impact. We think that our French culture could be a new breeding ground for an original rock scene and a different take. Why can’t the French rock out? And we sing well in English too, so we won’t alienate too many of you!’ Their album, The Trap, is out now. [see also The Dears; Nations By The River; Electric President; The Most Serene Republic]