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Falling from above

How do you explain a rainbow? I’m sure science has its answers. In fact, one has probably been manufactured in a test tube somewhere. But really, it’s the ultimate reward for patience. A reminder that even after the fiercest of storms, something truly magic can appear. As the rain here finally abates and the sky brightens once more, the endless cycle of life spins ever forward. Who knows where each unforeseen twist will lead? Perhaps only The Office’s David Brent. He’s never been short of a theory. I like this one in particular: ‘Eagles may soar high, but weasels don’t get sucked into jet engines’. Which is not to say don’t aim for the stars but rather to keep an eye out for stray 747s. Mind you, can you really trust a guy in three inch heels? And, yes, you can still find them. [Illustration by Alika Cooper]