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My little smile

Ant Keogh

The Wall Spankers project has had more than fifty international artists submit black & white work for the first issue. The submission deadline for the first issue is June 30th, so there’s still time to show them what you’re made of. It will be available as a free online PDF zine. Check it all out at the Wall Spankers website. Meanwhile, the Zaishu Project is an ‘international collaborative event, recording patterns, designs and cultural texture from around the world on sheets of plantation grown veneer. This visual information ‘artwork’ is then cut by laser into smaller components that slot together without nails, screws or glue to create a small portable seat, table, or box called a Zaishu’. Treated like a project and not a product, the Zaishu was first launched – with stencilled street artwork – at Melbourne’s Australian Centre for Contemporary Art in July 2004. Having since travelled to Japan, Seoul, Milan, Sydney, and Stockholm, the Zaishu project in 2006 will work with artists in India, Stockholm and Berlin. Check out their website for more information. And Enfant Terrible is an all girl art show by ‘those who’ve left, stayed and arrived in Australia’. It’s on now at the Monster Children Gallery in Sydney and features the work of Deanne Cheuk, Lilly Piri, and Ainslie Fletcher amongst others.