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People on the beat

I was lucky to see the mighty New Zealand band, Split Enz play a reunion concert in Sydney the other night and it was simply amazing. There’s really no other word to describe the performance that the guys put on for an audience of punters more than equipped to sing along to every familiar tune. Those readers outside of Australasia may not be aware of the impact that the Enz had on the music culture in this part of the world during their heyday in the late 70s/early 80s, but it was a significant one and in a strange sort of way this collection of artistic misfits – who would wear dramatic stage make-up and quirky costumes designed by their spoon player, Noel Crombie (seriously! The guy can work up a staggering rhythm on just two stainless steel Laquioles) – created a unique pop sound that was years before its time. Not that it wasn’t appreciated by those old enough back then to recognise the genius of the Finn brothers, Neil and Tim, at work. But they did polarise their audience. And so it was the other night, in front of a packed house, that this mercurial bunch of fifty-somethings blasted out some of the best damn memories of my life. Ah, yes, long live the frock and roll. [photo by Deserie Bostram]