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Autumn Whitehurst

Artists are invited to submit work for a ‘Creature Show’ to be held in August at Sydney’s Canvas Gallery. The exhibition will bring together artists, illustrators and fashion designers to design their own creature. Contact Zoe Sernack for more information. It was great to hear during the week that Julia Dirgee is displaying some of her illustrations and comic works at the Mocca Art Festival in New York City on the weekend of June 10. She’s a very talented artist and the exhibition will be well worth catching.

Australian singer/songwriter, Sarah McGregor, has her second album – Beautiful Thing – coming out in a few weeks and you can get a sneak preview of the title track at the Oz Track website. Troy Mendham has just updated his website with some cool stuff and there’s some nice illustration work on Antonia Pesenti’s website. I also like the work up on New Zealander, Daniel Maule’s website. Incidentally, thanks for all the interesting Canadian trivia that came in for our Most Serene Republic CD giveaway. I learnt some truly bizarre bits and pieces including that ‘in Quebec, an old law states that margarine must be a different colour than butter’. Hmmm. Go figure.