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Heroic little sisters

Paul Pope is a legend. As one of the leading comic book artists, he has worked across the Batman title as well as his own cult series, Liquid, injecting them with his quirky and dynamic illustrative style. He’s coming out to Australia to speak at this year’s Semi-Permanent Conference, which is taking place in Sydney on July 7 and 8. ‘The design community at large is a widely diversed, stimulating group of loosely-fraternal creative people’, he says. ‘And I am happy to be welcomed in. For SP, I will be showing a lot of my work from comics to rock tour posters and cd design. I am interested in highlighting the links between expressionism and pop art as it is seen in comics and by extension, 2D design. Designers can make anything look however they want. The crisis I see is in knowing what you want to say with your work. My entry into all this is through the narrative visual medium of comics and it is an area of interest to designers for different reasons. The talk I gave at Semi-Permanent NYC was along this line and it went over well. I also hope to have some brand new test animations based on my character designs and comics to be showing for this film. I find I have more in common with most designers than I do with a lot of cartoonists’. How did the Batman: Year 100 project go down? ‘It was fun at times, but I’d say it has been more like a protracted game of chess. It is hard taking such a familiar character as Batman and warping him to your particular vision. I found it to be much harder work than I expected’.