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Fox cub

Javier Gonzalez Burgos

First off, there’s some very creative work up on German designer, Marcel Weisheit’s website. He covers a lot of ground – everything from straight illustration to photography, web design and typography. Check it out. Also worth exploring are the distinctive black and white illustrations of American artist, Toyin Odutola. The style is intricate and organic whilst retaining a sense of visual continuity across the entire series of works. It’s all very striking stuff. Speaking of which, anyone up for a quick game? A battle to the death. Or ten frames. Whichever comes first. Ok, well I came across some interesting work out of Spain this week. María Monferrer’s own portfolio is impressive enough, but the creative exploits of her collaborative group – Design People Studio – are really inspiring. I also really like the paintings of Ant Keogh. It’s all very quirky and colourful, with a smattering of pop art and a healthy serving of the surreal. Music addicts should go to this online resource which will steer you in the direction of the hottest blogs out there, all dedicated to exposing good tunes for what they really are – a damn fine excuse to forget about everything for four wonderful minutes. Which reminds me, this is a BPM counter. It is vaguely entertaining. No more, no less. Though I’d rather create a full track and sell it to the Veronicas. I’m sure they’re looking for more disposable material right now.