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Lightening blue eyes

So I interviewed Bianca, one half of Coco Rosie, the other morning. Love their music: very dramatic, almost operatic in its scale yet imbued with a sense of sonic unease that carries the divine melodies well beyond their maudlin minor key progressions. I’ve got a mild cold — and it’s early on a chilly day in Sydney anyway — and I’m talking to this very talented, creative gal while she’s walking around the backstreets of New York City, giving me a guided tour of her surrounds. And all the while I’m thinking that my voice is sounding a very nice shade of husky — kinda like Michael Douglas meets Sean Connery after he’s gargled whiskey and rubbed his tonsils with grade three sandpaper. ‘Yes, dammit, I’m the man, and I have the deep-throated coarseness to prove it’. So I’m on a bit of a roll, enjoying the sound of the rich vibrato booming out of my voicebox, when she suddenly interrupts me mid-sentence, her high pitched falsetto cutting through my baritone like drawl, and says with a hint of insolence: ‘Hey, you’re sounding a little sick, by the way. have you got a cold?’ Talk about bringing me back to earth. Sigh. Please let this boy soar. Have I got a cold? Really. Really?! No, it’s called resonance sweetheart. And it’s all goooooood! [paintings by Andrew Hem]