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Wake me up lo go

Fernanda Cohen

First off, a big heads up to the talented folk at Melbourne-based design studio, Urchin Associates, who have created a new logo for Lost At E Minor which I think really captures the spirit of the newsletter. I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Urchin on a number of projects over the years and they’ve always been an absolute joy to work with. Ok, onto other things and I’ve been checking out a few cool links during the week. One is for Manolo Campion, a New York-based fashion photographer who creates a wonderful sense of calmness and serenity with his shots whilst never stripping the subjects of their inherent sense of vulnerability. Another nice photography site is that of Californian Joe Koller who has a diverse array of coastal-themed work up on his website. I also got word during the week of a New York-based art magazine called Art Asia Pacific which features some beautiful illustrations and paintings alongside a pile of interesting cultural tidbits. Their latest issue (#46) is out now in hard-copy form, but the website also has all sorts of tasty snippets. As does the website of German illustrator and animator Craig Robinson. There’s a mixed bag of treats up there, from random articles he’s written to a series of his clever animated creations.