The most unusual, bizarre, creative pens ever invented: A pen that never runs out

Rachel Oakley Contributor

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By Rachel Oakley in New Design on Thursday 11 December 2014

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as a pen that runs out of ink the moment you’re about to sign a document or jot down an important piece of information. But there’s an awesome pen on the market that will never run out of ink. Ever! Because this pen-the Grand Illusions metal pen-contains no ink at all. Yup, that’s right. Zip, zero ink is needed to write with this pen.

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Poetry bombing by Agustina Woodgate

Annie Churdar Contributor

By Annie Churdar in New Trends on Thursday 27 June 2013

Agustina Woodgate is a master of surprise. She goes targets lonely thrift stores and gives the well-worn clothing new life by sewing poems into them. Known as poetry bombing, Woodgate would rather ask forgiveness than permission as she spreads happiness through literature. Her goal is to make you stop and think by placing art in places one wouldn’t […]

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Letters from Kurt Vonnegut

Derek Smith Reader Find

By Derek Smith in New Trends on Wednesday 20 March 2013

This collection of Kurt Vonnegut’s private letters sheds a light on a side of him I never thought to consider. He writes about needing money, not wanting to work a job, worrying about his mental health, writer’s block, and I’m less than 100 pages in. It’s heartening to see my hero’s frailty and how he […]

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England Up Close

Contributions Reader Find

By this is my england in Cool Websites on Saturday 10 September 2011

This Is My England is both the blog and the pen name of a Londoner who looks at things up close. The photography zooms in on the small details of the decay and strangeness under the surface of the taken-for-granted things all around us. Many of the short poems here do roughly the same job.

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The Secret Confessions of Cartoon Heroes

Contributions Reader Find

By Maurice Blocker in New Trends on Friday 10 September 2010

Ever want to know what your favorite superhero is really like? Ever wondered what was going on in the head of one of your childhood cartoons? The truth is that they think of random stupidity, just like everyone else. The Munchausen Affect has given you a passage to those intimate, personal, and downright silly thoughts.

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