Incredible life-like wooden sculptures: we interviewed the master sculptor

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in New Art on Monday 20 April 2015

Take a quick glance at Peter Demetz’s wooden sculptures and you’d probably mistake them for real people. Each one is flawlessly created by this master sculptor, and it’s no surprise how flawless they are since each piece takes Demetz anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to complete, depending on size and composition. […]

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These are some pretty realistic birds made of just wood and paper

Kenny Ong Contributor

By Kenny Ong in New Art on Wednesday 15 April 2015

With only wood, paper and some pretty deft fingers, London-based artist and sculptor Zack Mclaughlin produces beautiful birds for us to gasp in wonder.

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Amazing modular furniture made from wood and molten metal

Milo Sumner Contributor

By Milo Sumner in New Design on Friday 15 August 2014

These incredible fusions of aluminium and wood are the work of Israeli artist Hilla Shamia. The one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture are created by pouring molten aluminum over wooden logs, allowing the liquid metal to seep into every crack.

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Wooden still life: Ink wash series by Adam Busby

Lost At E Minor Contributor

By Lost At E Minor in New Art on Thursday 15 August 2013

Drift wood in itself is not so interesting, but taken out of its surroundings and translated to paper using only a brush and black ink, these unique sculptural pieces come to life. This new still life series by Adam Busby at Buzz Studios is so clean and crisp and yet has a depth that is […]

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Classic martini glass gets contemporary wooden makeover

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Products on Friday 9 August 2013

Colorado-based furniture designer David Rasmussen recently turned his attention to making these really cool martini glasses that sport black walnut wood cups instead of the usual glass ones. It’s not just pretty but functional: using wood properly insulates the drink by keeping it cool for a longer time compared to glass. The stem gets a […]

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Recycled wooden pallets make functional facade of student residence

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in Architecture on Wednesday 31 July 2013

So, is this the best student housing we’ve seen yet? Architect Stéphane Malka took an eco-friendly approach to the Rue Amelot in Paris by affixing reappropriating hinged wooden pallets to the existing building, so these can let natural light filter through when they slide accordingly. We have to admit it all just looks really cool.

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KAWS goes larger than life

Mareike Muller Contributor

By Mareike Muller in New Art on Wednesday 24 July 2013

No, it’s not the resurrection of Pinocchio. These wooden companions are part of the GISWIL exhibition and a creation of American artist and sculptor, KAWS. The New York-based artist began his career as a graffiti artist and later specialized in limited edition toys and clothing.

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Intricately contoured jewellery from wood and cork

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Fashion on Thursday 18 July 2013

Brit designer-artist Anthony Roussel, who usually deals with sculptural works, crafted these amazing contoured and layered bracelets and rings out of birch, cork and maple. These are so beautiful.

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Wooden Apple-compatible keyboard that ages with you

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Products on Wednesday 10 July 2013

France-based Orée’s first product is out, and it’s a beautiful wireless, wooden keyboard carved from a single block of walnut or maple. The laser etchings on it are customizable.

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Metal-wood hybrid machine wallet

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Products on Monday 1 July 2013

Nottingham-based design hobbyist Thomas Johnson has his own manufacturing facility, and he’s started a Kickstarter appeal to manufacture the Fusion Wallet, which is really a wallet made out of two aluminum plates, held with a rubber hinge, then wrapped in a hardwood covering.

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E+M wooden pens: no, you can’t borrow my pen

Annie Churdar Contributor

By Annie Churdar in New Products on Monday 17 June 2013

For those of you who are writing enthusiasts, you know the feeling of pure joy that accompanies getting a good quality notebook or writing utensile. And these wood pens from e+m wooden pens are truly the nicest writing utensils I’ve come across.

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DIY Cellphone: trendier than an iPhone

Annie Churdar Contributor

By Annie Churdar in Tech on Wednesday 3 April 2013

I think I’m in love. This is the most beautiful cellphone I’ve ever seen. “Home made” meets “cutting edge” in this super cool DIY cellphone project by David Mellis. For the reasonable sum of 150$USD, you can have all the parts to make a custom, laser cut plywood cellphone that is compatible with a standard SIM […]

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Socks and undies so good, they’re made of wood

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Art on Monday 25 February 2013

Taiwanese artist Mary Leu carves socks, towels, bras, undies and schoolbags out of wood. She has also carved vegetables out of wood. Why anyone would go to the extent of recreating the soft fuzz and texture of objects made of fabric like cotton and terry, we can’t imagine why. We’d love to see her carve […]

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Elemotion’s e-sputnik table design

Ignasi Giro Reader Find

By Ignasi Giro in New Products on Wednesday 23 January 2013

The Paris-based Elemotions design studio is pretty small, but his 100 percent artisan products tend to activate big emotions. And hence his name. Its ever-evolving table e-Sputnik emerges as a clean crystal surface landing on three wooden legs, all departing from a solid spherical ball. Nothing else, nothing more. Very limited editions of the product have been produced and sold during the last two years, each one of them unique and with slight alterations from the previous one. Actually, Antonio Morales, the architect behind the firm, keeps on evolving its design, now exploring a completely foldable wood version of his most well-known table, which should be ready for Spring 2013.

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Slim Timber: beautiful wood wallets

Matt Warren Reader Find

By Matt Warren in New Products on Thursday 17 January 2013

I start the day with a full, tidy wallet, and end with it empty – it’s possessions scattered throughout my pockets. I have just purchased a new wallet, which eliminates the problem of coins and excess ‘stuff’ due to its simplicity. Slim Timber provide unique, hard wearing wallets out of a single piece of wood. I chose the Walnut grain, and as well as being less likely to cave in whilst in my back pocket, they look more than awesome.

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