Win a prize pack from the coolest little capital in the world

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in Cool Travel on Monday 12 March 2012

I’m originally from Wellington, New Zealand, so I know first hand what a happening little city it is, from the windswept hills that harbour (did I say harbour? Check Wellington’s out below) cool boutiques, cafes and restaurants, to the bustling downtown area. Thanks to our friends at Tourism Wellington, we are giving away a bunch of New Zealand-themed goodies to the best answers to this question: What are the first words you think of when you think of Wellington?

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The Eversons: I’m a Conservative

Princess Chelsea Reader Find

By Princess Chelsea in New Music on Saturday 17 December 2011

The Eversons are a new band from Wellington, New Zealand, who released a free EP on Lil’ Chief Records earlier this year. They give nods to smart, 60s-inspired pop like the Modern Lovers (heavy use of call and response back up vox), but are also clearly inspired by 90s ‘indie guitar’ bands like Pavement and […]

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New album from New Zealand band Force Fields

Michelle Wilding Reader Find

By Michelle Wilding in New Music on Saturday 11 June 2011

After a few years of playing live as a collective, Wellington-based Force Fields have recorded and released a very solid debut album, Golden Walls. The lyrics of vocalist Paul Wedel are usually unsung and breathy, producing a pleasantly light, airy and pensive sound. The catchy Momentum and Flying West are my album picks.

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