The Busking Project: A series uniting street performers

Nicklaus Andersen Reader Find

By Nicklaus Andersen in Cool Websites on Friday 7 December 2012

Watching people busk is like eating candy in a couple of ways: 1. if it’s good, it’s worth the cash, 2. it’s addictive, 3. eventually, people are gonna know you did it, even if you do it alone in your room, 4. once a year, someone’ll toss you a handful gratis if you’re in the […]

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The Bondi Hipsters: a web series by Dom and Adrian

Jason Burrows Reader Find

By Jason Burrows in Video on Monday 5 November 2012

While Christiaan Van Vuuren was in quarantine for 6 months with Tuberculosis, he released a video, The Fully Sick Rapper, which went viral and has had over 1 million hits on YouTube. He showed it wasn’t just luck when he teamed up with his brother Connor to co-write and co-direct the series. Their channel has […]

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Next Time on Lonny: a YouTube video series

Josef Buchanan Reader Find

By Josef Buchanan in Video on Tuesday 8 May 2012

Next Time on Lonny is a reality web series, a collection of epically brilliant episodes starring who else but Lonny. From being a schizophrenic homicidal maniac, to an alien invasion leading to Lonny being enslaved by aliens, follow Lonny through each adventure. Apparently there will be more episodes coming soon as it has been picked up by Ben Stiller’s production company.

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Tiny Fuppets: a parody of a very famous TV series

Jeff Katz Reader Find

By Jeff Katz in Video on Tuesday 16 August 2011

Tiny Fuppets is a ridiculous new web series, based off an already famous TV series that you might know. This show may force you to ask the questions: is this supposed to be this bad, or is this for real? The amazing subtitles are all part of the beauty, and the more you watch, the […]

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