François-Henri Galland’s minimalstic watercolour paintings

Toni Spyra Reader Find

By Toni Spyra in New Art on Tuesday 1 October 2013

François-Henri Galland‘s minimalstic watercolor paintings have wowed me ever since I saw his work for the first time. The French artist reduces his drawings to a minimum and uses only the most necessary colour surfaces. So the viewers have to use their own imagination to complete the well-composed pictures. Bravo!

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Hyper-detailed watercolour comics by Evie Cahir

Dave Mahler Reader Find

By Dave Mahler in New Art on Friday 27 September 2013

I’m jealous of Evie Cahir. It seems every day brings another interview and another hundred plus notes on tumblr. Her work is simply divine: intricate, hyper-detailed watercolour and graphite pieces that put the majority of the NGV to shame. Her use of line is exciting, skewing perspective in just the right places to remind you […]

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Watercolor illustrations by Vladimir Stankovic

Ralph Lagoi Reader Find

By Ralph Lagoi in New Illustration on Thursday 8 August 2013

Biophilia is a series of beautifully bizarre watercolor illustrations by artist, Vladimir Stankovic. He labels his works as Natural History Illustrations Studies. The biophilia hypothesis suggests that there is an instinctive bond between human beings and other living systems. The term ‘biophilia’ literally means ‘love of life or living systems’. It was first used by […]

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Epic music video combines watercolour with digital effects

Contributions Reader Find

By Calvin in Video on Thursday 23 May 2013

In this music video, the artist combined traditional watercolor techniques with digital effects. Every texture, illustration or letter was painted and scanned several times to achieve this beautiful effect. It took weeks to produce because of the high level of details and the painting effect the artist wanted to achieve. It’s a brilliant combination of […]

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Watercolour illustrations by Dima Rebus

Mareike Muller Contributor

By Mareike Muller in New Illustration on Saturday 8 December 2012

Eastern European art has always had a very distinct style. It’s the pure and sharp, sometimes almost brutal style many of them use. Same with Russian illustrator Dima Rebus. His work is pretty frank and critical, no disguise. But you still get a bit of a mystical and vague feeling when you look at his work realizing somehow that there is a lot more hidden in these watercolor illustrations than you thought in first place.

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Colorful watercolors from Herman Mejia

Mariana Monteagudo Contributor

By Mariana Monteagudo in New Art on Friday 7 December 2012

Hermann Mejía started drawing very young, studying comics, including MAD Magazine, that had made their way to Venezuela from America – although he spoke no English at the time. He cites artists such as Sergio Aragonés (author of the wordless Groo the Wanderer strip) and Mort Druckeras as favorites.

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Watercolors by Reuben Negron

David Bronson Reader Find

By David Bronson in New Art on Wednesday 12 September 2012

I’ve been familiar with Reuben Negron’s work for a number of years, but I was completely taken when I recently saw a selection of watercolors from his two most recent solo exhibitions at Like the Spice Gallery in Williamsburg.

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Soulful watercolors by Dean Mitchell

The Flying Dutchman Reader Find

By The Flying Dutchman in New Art on Thursday 23 August 2012

Dean Mitchell is an American fine artist at the absolute top of his game. His poignant, soulful watercolors are a rich slice of the kind of Americana that we see in the great voices of men like Cormac McCarthy and Springsteen, in all its neglected and decaying splendor.

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Colorful art by Philip Dunne

Philip Dunne Reader Find

By Philip Dunne in New Art on Saturday 28 April 2012

My art is a combination of traditional techniques, like pencil and watercolor, with digital retouching and coloring. It is an exploration of vivid, rich color, and the detail and textures of nature and technology, the jarring of the analogue against the digital, along with the new spectrums, emotions and realities created from this unique relationship.

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New watercolors by Erin Supinski

Chi Birmingham Reader Find

By Chi Birmingham in New Art on Tuesday 3 April 2012

In her watercolor work Erin Supinski gives the textures and colors inherent to her medium free reign, and the results are breathtaking. Under her eye, everyday objects take on jewel like intensity that allows them to be seen as if for the first time. Her compositions are a study in restraint, and a case for how much can be expressed with a few thoughtfully placed artifacts. Also worth checking out is the variety of hand lettering on display at her website.

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Tania Evangelista

Contributions Reader Find

By C Werckmeister in New Art on Sunday 12 June 2011

Check out the work of Bilbao-based artist, Tanya Evangelista. From traditional oils and watercolors cum graphite, to haunting digital imagery and comic. Whisps of Schiele, Klimt, Kahlo, Chagal in harsh colors, poetic x-rays, and bony figures. Startlingly good.

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Portrait of the band Sleigh Bells by Erin Gallagher

Contributions Reader Find

By EG in New Illustration on Tuesday 24 May 2011

Check out Erin Gallagher’s portrait of Alexis Krauss and Derek E. Miller of Sleigh Bells. Her voice is like crystal and his guitar shreds. Perfect combo!

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Felipe Merida

Contributions Reader Find

By Ryan Sullivan in New Illustration on Friday 29 April 2011

Illustrator Felipe Merida explores a combination of fine line patterns, burst of color and silhouette. The speed and ease of pen and ink allows him to draw spontaneously on his daily commute between New York and Philly.

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Maine Coast Art

Contributions Reader Find

By Dan Osterman in New Art on Tuesday 22 March 2011

I go to the sea where the land disappears, and the clouds stack up, and the elements fight for supremacy. Although I work in a variety of media, these pieces are more lightly done using acrylic or watercolor paints, with some pen and ink.

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Erin Gallagher’s Zodiac Illustration

Contributions Reader Find

By Erin Gallagher in New Illustration on Wednesday 16 March 2011

Check out Erin Gallagher’s new Taurus illustration, the first in a series of Zodiac paintings. So, what’s your sign?

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