Wilmer Wilson IV asks post offices to mail him to freedom

Rebecca Forstater Reader Find

By Rebecca Forstater in New Art on Friday 5 April 2013

Last spring, Wilmer Wilson IV covered himself in stamps of increasing value and walked to three different post offices in Washington, D.C. asking to be mailed to freedom in his performance series Henry Box Brown: Forever. Inspired by the story of Henry “Box” Brown, a slave who in 1849 escaped to freedom by mailing himself […]

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Floor Feature in Museum Courtyard in Washington, DC

Bespoken Art Reader Find

By Bespoken Art in New Design on Saturday 18 August 2012

In addition to the amazing glass canopy ceiling at the National Portrait Gallery Courtyard in Washington DC, the space also boasts a striking floor feature consisting of two rectangular pools of shallow water that stretch the length of the floor. The free wi-fi and adjacent cafe make this a perfect place to grab a cup […]

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Victoria F. Gaitán’s baroque flesh and blood still lifes

Jonathan Monaghan Reader Find

By Jonathan Monaghan in New Photography on Thursday 10 November 2011

My friend Victoria F. Gaitán decorates her portrait subjects with meat or blood or candy to create intimidating baroque flesh and blood still lifes. Maybe one day she will ask me to get covered in horse heads and ice cream. Look for her work up with Patricia Piccinini at Conner Contemporary in Washington DC through December.

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Incredible 3D animation by Jonathan Monaghan

Jonathan Monaghan Reader Find

By Jonathan Monaghan in Video on Tuesday 25 October 2011

My latest series, Metropolitan, explores imagery associated with wealth and secretive power. A former Vanderbilt estate is blackened and decorated with regalia while the Alibi club comprising Washington DC’s most powerful men takes on the properties of fabric, gently blowing in the wind. It’s an ongoing series that happens to be quite relevant at the […]

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Jordan Kasey

Gerry Mak Reader Find

By Gerry Mak in New Art on Wednesday 19 January 2011

My friend Jordan Kasey, who does amazing, surreal, and terrifying oil paintings, has a show up at Honfleur Gallery in DC. You should go check her stuff out, it’s really good.

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Rincon Bates House by Studio27

Gerry Mak Reader Find

By Gerry Mak in Architecture on Thursday 22 July 2010

I live in Baltimore, a city defined by row houses, so Studio 27’s row house project in nearby DC is pretty interesting to me. The owners of the Rincon Bates House in Capitol Hill commissioned the K Street-based firm to re-imagine the 104-year-old unit as an eco-friendly dwelling for a single family.

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Curator of DC Style

Kyle Harris Reader Find

By Kyle Harris in Cool Websites on Monday 8 March 2010

If you ever wondered how the fine people from DC dressed, Curator of DC Style has the answer for you. One of my favorites, this blog features pictures of DC citizens in creative and fashionable attire.

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Christian Benefiel

Gerry Mak Reader Find

By Gerry Mak in New Art on Tuesday 29 September 2009

Washington DC-based sculptor Christian Benefiel creates elegant pieces that are as much about the history of the scavenged and re-purposed materials he uses as they are about the forms he molds them into. His inflatable pieces are reminiscent of both Claes Oldenburg and Buckminster Fuller.

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Pete Morelewicz

Ilana Kohn Reader Find

By Ilana Kohn in New Design on Wednesday 16 September 2009

Washington DC artist and designer Pete Morelewicz really likes Bob Ross. No, I mean, he REALLY likes Bob Ross. So much so, he’s created an entire series of prints bearing the TV painting icon’s bushy face. I have to say I’m pretty partial to Phreno-Bob with his ‘happy accidents’ and ‘puffy clouds’.

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John Malloy’s One Out of a Hundred exhibition

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in New Events on Tuesday 3 February 2009

If you’re in or around the Washington DC area, swing by illustrator — and sometime Lost At E Minor contributorJohn Malloy’s first full solo exhibition at the Art Whino Gallery in National Harbor. The show which opens on February 21, takes its name — One Out of a Hundred — from his personal series of seven fine art works that center around the side effects of drugs as a metaphor for the media culture’s long-term effects on the human spirit. There will be more than forty limited edition prints and fifty works of original art on display and for sale, including illustration, fine art, and comics work.

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Shortstack: The Covers EP

Erick Jackson - Apes Reader Find

By Erick Jackson - Apes in New Music on Sunday 17 February 2008

Shortstack are a Washington DC band that not many people know about outside of the the city. They recently released an EP of covers with some sweet choices on there — The Kinks, Captain Beefheart, and The Pupils, among others. Once again a band takes different styles, sounds, and time periods, and owns it like […]

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