Collaborative stop motion video by Danielle Julian Norton and Tarrah Krajnak

Melissa Vogley Woods Reader Find

By Melissa Vogley Woods in Video on Wednesday 20 February 2013

‘Creepy, odd, disturbing yet somehow sweet’ are some words that come to mind about artists Danielle Julian Norton and Tarrah Krajnak’s collaborative work under the title Suite 42. The two come together to create collaborative works in video, stop-motion, photography and sculpture. The team has an on-again-off-again relationship rooted in pushing ideas from what comes […]

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Mesmerizing video art pays tribute to the Japanese nuclear meltdown

Sarth Reader Find

By Sarth in New Art on Friday 15 February 2013

Any time a piece of abstract art can make me feel uncomfortable, I want to talk about it. And this one mesmerizes, too. Kazumasa Teshigawara made this experimental website/video-art piece in response to the nuclear meltdown in Japan (remember that?) and I love the rest of his video art as well. Big ups to the […]

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Mangled depictions of popular culture by Ryan Trecartin

Kim Talon Reader Find

By Kim Talon in Video on Thursday 8 November 2012

Iʼm obsessed with video artist Ryan Trecartin, or rather, his awe-inspiring and mangled depictions of popular culture. There is no way to really explain the way he consumes and re-expresses the media as a whole, you just have to watch it for yourself. I just saw some of his work as part of the Andy […]

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Sculpture and video art by Louis Pratt

Katy Alexander Reader Find

By Katy Alexander in New Art on Thursday 7 June 2012

Louis Pratt employs the latest developments in new technology to produce artworks in various media, mainly focusing on sculpture and video art. Pratt always begins his work with organic data (such as real bodies or objects), then manipulates them within a computer: ‘I try to reference the synthesis, the relationship, between the organic world and […]

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Award-winning video art by Kasumi

Sasha Gransjean Reader Find

By Sasha Gransjean in New Film on Tuesday 27 March 2012

If you’re into video art and you still haven’t heard of Kasumi, do yourself a favor and check out the 2011 Guggenheim Fellowship Award recipient’s work. She brings movement and rhythm to disturbing climaxes that provoke one to think about humanity. She has recently moved into producing with the film, Aardvark, which is currently doing it’s festival run and of which I am eagerly anticipating a theatrical release.

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