Brilliant movie title sequences by Saul Bass

Josie Portillo Reader Find

By Josie Portillo in Video on Friday 2 March 2012

Among the best purchases I’ve recently made is this massive 428 page book on Saul Bass, who was one of the leading graphic designers of the last century. He is responsible for some of the best movie title sequences I have ever seen, including titles such as Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo and Otto Preminger’s The Man With The Golden Arm.

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Hotel Vertigo: where Hitchcock’s Vertigo was set

Ben Frost Reader Find

By Ben Frost in Cool Travel on Tuesday 13 September 2011

Vertigo is a 1958 psychological thriller film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. A lot of the action takes place in The Empire Hotel, which is actually a real place and the awesome little hotel I’ve been staying in. It’s called the Vertigo Hotel now, but there’s nothing like getting into bed with Judy and Alfred and […]

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