Miserable man on vacation gets a do-over and goes back to Puerto Rico with his wife and baby

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in News on Tuesday 19 May 2015

Just last month we showed you how miserable Kevin Blandford was when he won a trip to Puerto Rico but couldn’t travel with his wife or baby daughter. Well, this story has a happy ending because Kevin went back to Puerto Rico recently on an all-expenses paid trip… this time with his wife and daughter.

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This designer sews landscapes of her travels because taking a picture would be too easy

Kenny Ong Contributor

By Kenny Ong in New Art on Tuesday 10 February 2015

While the rest of us simply click away at our vacation spots, designer Teresa Lim preserves her travel memories with stitches by sewing the landmark or landscape before her.

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Even Ultraman needs to recharge his batteries in Hawaii

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Trends on Wednesday 28 January 2015

There I was at the Honolulu airport when I saw these holiday snapshots of Ultraman vacationing on Hawaii on a wall. Looks like these pictures — along with a series of ‘vacation videos’ — are all part of the Ultra Hawaii tourism campaign last year, which hopes to revive interest in the islands among the Japanese […]

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Buy a luxury private island yacht

Annie Churdar Contributor

By Annie Churdar in Cool Travel on Friday 29 March 2013

What are you planning to do when you retire? I don’t know about you, but I’m planning to buy this luxury island yacht. That’s right. Orsos Island is the best of both worlds. You don’t need to decide between renting a private island or buying a yacht. Just order an island yacht! Hopefully this concept will be available  […]

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La Canzone del Mare in Capri, Italy

Contributions Reader Find

By Phoebe Greenacre in Cool Travel on Wednesday 10 October 2012

On my quest to seek out the ultimate beach spots around the globe, I stumbled upon La Canzone del Mare on a recent trip to Isle of Capri. You could say that La Canzone del Mare is the equivalent of Icebergs in Bondi. Well, almost. Situated in Maria Piccola, the bathing establishment is the perfect spot to spend a summer’s day. We found this place by accident when we exploring Capri during a day trip from Positano – approximately a 30 minute boat ride.

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Paintings of rocks by Swedish artist Malin Gabriella Nordin

Deanne Cheuk Reader Find

By Deanne Cheuk in New Art on Thursday 26 April 2012

Malin Gabriella Nordin is a Swedish artist who works with the theme of rocks. Her work is varied and joyful in it’s abundance. The artful textures, shapes and mix of colors of Malin Gabriella Nordin’s 2009 Collage project, entitled Vacation, is a refreshing burst of color and creativity.

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Bet you didn’t know you could afford a private island

Contributions Reader Find

By Alex in Cool Travel on Wednesday 22 February 2012

While you’re working 9-5, someone out there is relaxing on their very own private island. That someone could be Richard Branson on his Necker Island, but it could also be that guy whose cubicle next to yours has been empty for a week now. While Branson’s island is $5,000 per night, just 2,000 km west of it is Fort Morgan Cay, a small island in the Caribbean that even the mid-income earner can afford. With a personal chef and renovated rooms it makes for a pretty good alternative to Cancun doesn’t it?

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