Star Wars posters hand-drawn by local artists in Russia

David Langley Reader Find

By David Langley in New Art on Monday 16 March 2015

Star Wars first made its way into the USSR in 1990, and due to censorship laws that still remained in the waning days of the Soviet Empire, original movie posters needed to be made by local artists for advertising.

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James Squire Rogue Tales stories: A journey through the former USSR

Chad Bennett Contributor

By Chad Bennett in Cool Travel on Wednesday 20 November 2013

It might have been the arid 35-degree heat, the wooden ‘beds’ that we were facing another night of sleep on, or the fact that the day’s drinking had inadvertently began at 8am earlier in the day after crawling off the aforementioned bed to find some water.

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New design by Anton Repponen

Cecilia Timm Reader Find

By Cecilia Timm in New Design on Thursday 6 December 2012

Anton Repponen was born in the USSR and grew up in Estonia. Sounds like something out of a vintage spy movie. He creates and publishes his most interesting design dreams on his personal site.

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