Man with severe cerebral palsy uses typewriter to paint breathtaking pictures

Kenny Ong Contributor

By Kenny Ong in New Art on Tuesday 16 September 2014

Now here’s something that is just so inspirational and uplifting to come across. Paul Smith was born with severe cerebral palsy and this disorder makes holding a pen or brush an impossible task for him. However, as a young man, he discovered an unusual key to express himself. He taught himself to ‘paint’ by using just 10 of the symbol keys on a typewriter.

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Having a bad day? Ask Jerkface Typewriter for an insult

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in Cool Websites on Monday 11 February 2013

Just try having some attitude typed in your face. The brainchild of New York-based illustrator Dana Zemack, Jerkface Typewriter churns out random copy bordering on the obnoxious, with insults ranging from the succinct (‘Dumbass’) to the dismissive (‘You’re wearing last year’s color’) to the judgmental (‘I gawk at you while you’re trying to parallel park’). […]

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Darth Vader: upcycled from typewriter and computer parts

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Art on Wednesday 9 January 2013

Self-proclaimed junk artist Gabriel Dishaw has an upcycled range of skull likenesses created with recycled bits and pieces. Darth Vader’s right there, made out of parts from adding machines, computers and typewriters. So’s Mickey Mouse, with his ears made of airplane cargo ramp wheels. There’s even an unnamed Decepticon with eyes that light up.

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Typewriter keyboard-shaped waffle iron

Rebekah Rhoden Contributor

By Rebekah Rhoden in New Food and Packaging on Friday 12 October 2012

What’s better than eating a keyboard-shaped waffle for breakfast? Not much. Chris Dimino created this waffle iron from an old typewriter keyboard. The waffles come out of the iron in the shape of a keyboard, which is perfect for any breakfast-loving nerd. UPDATE: Here’s an excerpt from our interview with the creator of this quirky […]

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Noisy Typer app transforms your Mac into a typewriter

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in Video on Friday 20 July 2012

Somewhere in your Mac, there’s a dinky little typewriter waiting to be set free. Thanks to artist-designer Theo Watson’s Noisy Typer app, you can now stab away at your Mac keyboards and listen to the sweet, sweet sounds of a typewriter pour forth with every pompous key you strike. Bonus: this will also probably annoy […]

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Typewriter mixes a cocktail with every word you type

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in Video on Friday 20 April 2012

Netizen Morskoiboy has built a piece of typewriting wizardry that transforms every word you type into a cocktail. As he says on his site: ‘Now I can literally taste the flavor of my words’. It’s hard not to think that every word beyond three syllables won’t metaphorically spell H-O-T M-E-S-S.

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