Poignant installation shows people performing mundane tasks underwater

Milo Sumner Contributor

By Milo Sumner in New Art on Wednesday 19 November 2014

As Climate Change looms and sea levels rise more and more people are affected by flooding. What might it be like if the whole word was under water? This performance installation in Toronto explores just that concept. Holoscenes is a work of art by Lars Jan, founder of Early Morning Opera. The installation involves a large glass tank within which sits a performer.

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City Spy: Toronto

Alexandra Rutman Reader Find

By Alexandra Rutman in Cool Travel on Sunday 17 November 2013

Boasting a calendar full-to-the-brim with sporting events, arts and cultural festivities and entertainment, Toronto is a happening city. With four vibrant districts, there are more designer boutiques, quirky museums, bespoke galleries and family-friendly activities than you could poke a maple leaf at.

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Ai Weiwei’s Forever Bicycles sculpture in Toronto

Rebekah Rhoden Contributor

By Rebekah Rhoden in New Art on Tuesday 15 October 2013

Ai Weiwei, China’s most prominent contemporary artist, recently brought a recreated version of his Forever Bicycles sculpture to Toronto’s Nuit Blanche festival. The size of the new sculpture has grown exponentially, and the once 1,000 bicycle installation now exceeds 3,144.

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Abstract landscapes by Toronto artist Kate Taylor

Sar Sehg Reader Find

By Sar Sehg in New Art on Friday 27 September 2013

Kate Taylor is a fine artist based in Toronto specializing in abstract landscapes. Her work, with its delicate paint strokes, creates an air of whimsy and energy. She takes creative influences from Claude Monet’s Water Lilies, the Group of Seven, and Jean Paul Riopelle – the Montreal-based artist who captured raw energy in his large […]

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Travelers and Magicians: photos by Sarika Sehgal

Tanya Kong Reader Find

By Tanya Kong in New Photography on Saturday 12 January 2013

Based out of Toronto, Canada, Sarika Sehgal is a fine art and travel photographer. In her latest series, Travelers and Magicians, the world’s her stage and subjects pulse to life under the limelight of a dancing night sky, a reoccurring image in the series and created from the formation of tiny bubbles inside a small aquarium and dropping liquid crème into water.

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New photography by Barbara Cole

Sarika Sehgal Reader Find

By Sarika Sehgal in New Photography on Friday 28 December 2012

Barbara Cole is one of the most accomplished photographers in Canada who has a magical gift with photographing water. Her images are shot in such a way that they look like paintings, with a creamy and warm texture. Her use of colour, liquid and light are just breathtaking. Self-taught, Cole has been a part of both the commercial and fine art world but it’s really her fine art experiments that reflect a deep and insightful beauty.

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NXNE and LuminaTO in Toronto

Tanja M. Laden Contributor

By Tanja M. Laden in Cool Travel on Wednesday 6 June 2012

If you’ve always wanted to visit Toronto, but never really had a reason to go, now’s the time to head north by northeast, in more ways than one. The so-called little brother to SXSW, NXNE is a full week’s worth of nonstop live indie bands, film programs, and much less attitude than many other music-fueled juggernauts. Happening from June 11-17, NXNE also overlaps with LuminaTO, another Toronto-based arts festival that focuses on the latest creativity coming from the biggest city in Canada.

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Love it or hate it: Toronto’s OCAD building

VNO designs Reader Find

By VNO designs in Architecture on Thursday 3 May 2012

Love it or hate it, the Sharp Centre for Design, aka theOCAD building, in Toronto gets the artistic juices flowing. Art is about inspiring the mind, including the stuff that makes you say WTF? This building is polarizing to say the least, but good on Toronto for thinking outside the, erm, checkered box.

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New music by Toronto band The Handsome Fix

VNO designs Reader Find

By VNO designs in New Music on Thursday 3 May 2012

One night in February, I attended a little musical gathering at the SuperMarket in Toronto. This is when I first heard the Handsome Fix and their remarkably fresh new sound. New album dropping Spring of this year.

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Nuit Blanche: an annual celebration of the arts in Toronto

VNO designs Reader Find

By VNO designs in New Events on Thursday 3 May 2012

Experiencing Nuit Blanche in Toronto is a must for all artistic types around the world. Toronto becomes a playground of artistry for one night and the lingering effects last longer and longer every year. Make it a goal to walk the streets of Toronto during Nuit Blanche. You won’t regret it.

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The Joy of Books: brilliant stop motion animation

Nicole Trilivas Reader Find

By Nicole Trilivas in Video on Tuesday 21 February 2012

This magical time-lapse of sorts was meticulously shot in the independent book store Type Books in Toronto by animator Sean Ohlenkamp and his wife (as well as a few extra hands. no doubt).

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Existential game where you have to figure out the plot

Contributions Reader Find

By John Tamayama in Cool Websites on Monday 16 January 2012

Rory Viner, an experimental composer from Toronto, and Japanese developer Kanoguti have created a free art game that will leave you trying to decide what this existential game actually means as the developer wanted the player to figure out the story for themselves. The game is called Lost & Found and has five mini-games set as five stages, all different in concept. You only need to use the arrow keys and the ‘z’ button. To get to the next stage, you just beat a level or you can exit the game and just select the next stage from the title splash screen. 

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How Max Zorn creates his tape-art works

Rani Nugraha Reader Find

By Rani Nugraha in New Art on Saturday 12 November 2011

We first told you about Max Zorn in July this year when his fresh tape-art works were just in Amsterdam. Tinkering with nothing more than an exacto knife, some packing tape and plastic sheets, it takes wrapping his work around street lamps to see the pieces in all their glory as the complex layers of slicing and shading formations take their full effect.

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Toronto Underground Market

The Urban Grocer Contributor

By The Urban Grocer in Cool Travel on Friday 4 November 2011

The Toronto Underground Market (TUM) exploded onto the scene late this summer to enormous fanfare. If “pop ups” have become the way to test the viability of a new restaurant or shop, then TUM is the newest way to experiment with a food business without emptying your savings account right away.

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Vas Vega single: The Living Dead

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in New Music on Thursday 30 June 2011

This is one for all you aspiring indie bands out there: Jordan Holman and Mark LeRoy of the Toronto indie band Vas Vega sent their four song demo off to the five producers that they most wanted to work with. Remarkably, it all happened for them. Two months later they were in London recording with […]

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