Detailed miniature sculptures by Thomas Doyle

William LeGoullon Reader Find

By William LeGoullon in New Art on Thursday 5 April 2012

Thomas Doyle is a New York-based sculptor working in a miniature world. No, really. His realistic scenery depicted within his pieces are often scaled 1:43 or smaller and they are quite amazingly detailed. Relating to his fascination with memory, time, history, and transitional experience, his works allow us to peer into a world of hauntingly familiar yet altered enchantment. While most of his works are viewed in glass containers, I often feel they fuse terrariums with dream like thought clouds.

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Thomas Doyle

Gerry Mak Reader Find

By Gerry Mak in New Design on Tuesday 27 April 2010

Thomas Doyle’s work presents scenes of destruction and absurd calamities that make viewers feel as if they are the mischievous and cruel divinity responsible for the misfortune that befalls the tiny people in the diorama-like pieces

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