Featured Image for This couple created a Wounderland of surreality with costumes and taxidermy to convey an important message
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Victorian taxidermy by Walter Potter

Stuffed kittens playing croquet and enjoying tea time, little bunny rabbits sitting down in a classroom, squirrels reading the morning paper and smoking tobacco. Morbidly beautiful, if I must say. … Read more

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Bad, taxidermy! Bad!

Don’t know about you, but we can’t find much reason to be hooked on a site that showcases ‘the absolute worst of the taxidermic art’. It’s just one of these … Read more

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Fashion accessories made from animal roadkill

Reid Peppard, of RP/Encore, creates stunning fashion accessories featuring taxidermied creatures. Peppard only uses found animals, but adorns this roadkill with such exquisite materials that it somehow becomes sexy. The result … Read more

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