Just in time for the Superbowl: Patriots and Seahawks t-shirts with some serious style

Nicole Hughes Contributor

By Nicole Hughes in New Fashion on Friday 23 January 2015

Take a look at this awesome Touchdown collection that Pilot & Captain is running especially for the Super Bowl. With the big game almost here, they are now selling these limited edition, two-colour tees for both New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks fans. To make the deal even better, fans get a discount. These one-of-a-kind […]

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Give Em Hel… we mean, Helvetica: Tees for designers

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Fashion on Tuesday 1 October 2013

We’ve seen our fair share of designer tees, but how about tees for designers? These designer-centric slogan tees by LA-based brand Words Brand are pretty witty, with fun lines ranging from ‘I Would Kern You So Tight’ to ‘Famous Brand Logo & Catchy Headline’. Our personal favorite is the one that goes ‘Give Em Hel(vetica)’, […]

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Road map tees help parents get a back massage from their kids

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Fashion on Monday 1 July 2013

Long-suffering parents can now take a break by getting a back massage from their kids while they play. It’s easy as long as they put on one of these tees that come with a road or railroad map strategically printed on the back — which makes it irresistible for the little ones to wheel their […]

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Chris Write’s Sports Cheeses: beautifully illustrated cheese puns

Anthony Garratt Reader Find

By Anthony Garratt in New Illustration on Monday 27 May 2013

Chris Write’s determination to relieve folk of the hum-drum of the daily ‘rind is aptly demonstrated in his awesome new selection of sports cheeses; beautifully crafted cheese puns illustrated in Wright’s inimitable style. Jamie Oliver is evidently a fan and I have also just ordered my slice of the action.

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Playful food tees by Brock Davis

The Urban Grocer Contributor

By The Urban Grocer in New Design on Tuesday 13 November 2012

A hamburger losing its condiments on the way to a nude beach. A watermelon seed skating along its rind. This sweet collection of tee shirts that comically personify our favorite foods is the exactly the kind of light-heartedness we’re craving this Wednesday afternoon. The work of artist and creative director, Brock Davis, these graphic kids tees imaginatively humanize foods, from meatballs to eggs, with bright bold colors and an endearing playfulness. If only they had adult sizes, too.

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From the LAEM Store: Poppy and Moe t shirts

Alison Shepard Contributor

By Alison Shepard in New Products on Thursday 8 November 2012

Bohemian graphics, fashion cuts – this is the essence of the newest line from Poppy and Moe. From an off-center printing of ‘Don’t Panic’ on a loose scoop tee, to a fierce war bonnet graphic on a sexy low-cut boyfriend shirt, we love the ready to wear chic of this brand. Shop Poppy and Moe in the Lost At E Minor store.

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Tee Party! Meat Series t shirts by Yuko Sekine

The Urban Grocer Contributor

By The Urban Grocer in New Fashion on Tuesday 24 July 2012

Minced meat and bacon and salami, oh my! If butchery makes you swoon and carnivore is your middle name, then say it loud and proud with this latest collection of tees from Japanese artist Yuko Sekine. You can snag your own cross-sectioned smoked ham t-shirt here. Dodging vegetarians, however, is up to you.

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Last Exit to Nowhere: t-shirts for movie lovers

Chantal Handley Reader Find

By Chantal Handley in New Music on Thursday 12 July 2012

UK company Last Exit to Nowhere has an awesome collection of t-shirts for film enthusiast and illustrators alike which combine pop-culture with fashion.

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T-World: a magazine devoted to t shirt culture

Mega Reader Find

By Mega in Video on Friday 18 May 2012

If you like sneakers, then you probably like Sneaker Freaker. Now, if you like t shirts, you have to read T-World, the only global magazine which showcases the global phenomenon of t shirt culture and every facet within.

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Neva Safe: more than just well-drawn funny t-shirts

Jacob Klensin Reader Find

By Jacob Klensin in New Fashion on Tuesday 24 April 2012

We’ve all wished for a clothing company that would perfectly illustrate the mind of our absurdly comedic genius friend, right? Well, even if you haven’t, that’s what Neva Safe is. Stand up comic Jonathan Patrick Nunn spits non-stop comedic fire, complimented with an irresistibly contagious laugh. Alexis Mabry takes the things he says, and uses her ability to combine unlimited artistic talent with a complete disregard for social niceties and puts it all on clothing. It may sound simple, and it is. It may also sound awesome, and it is.

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New online store sells Abel Macias designed fashion

Abel Macias Reader Find

By Abel Macias in Cool Websites on Thursday 12 April 2012

I created a new shop recently that features artsy things: some limited edition prints, some t-shirts, and some bags. I consider the tees to be more like wearable art, all silkscreened and hand-dyed in my studio in Brooklyn.

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Lost At E Minor store: Muve and the Evil Square

Alison Shepard Contributor

By Alison Shepard in New Products on Friday 24 February 2012

Muve is an alliance of two artists: Mike, an illustrator from Washington DC, and Ryan, a photographer from New York. Their ideas and designs evolved into Muve, a clothing company dedicated to voicing creative freedom with respect to sub-cultures of the past, present, and future.

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New GFunk and Batz Street Series t-shirt range

Contributions Reader Find

By GFUNK in New Fashion on Saturday 24 December 2011

At the heart of the new GFunk and Batz Street Series T-Shirt range lie bright and playful designs, bold graphics, and an inherent sense of soul. The collection pushes the envelope of football design, drawing inspiration from graffiti, pop culture and art. A new cut and soft combed cotton completes the urban outfit. Best worn with black or indigo denim, casual jacket and white sneakers.

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Places We Should Go

Contributions Reader Find

By Mark Sarmel in New Products on Tuesday 28 June 2011

Inspired by dark, out of the way bars, Places We Should Go is a project by Mark Sarmel that revolves around four imaginary bars. They’re just the type of place one might accidentally stumble into and instantly feel at home, or not, but then the best adventures are often those that are unexpected.

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Eleventh Commandment

Michelle Wilding Reader Find

By Michelle Wilding in New Fashion on Tuesday 8 June 2010

The fashion Gods of the world blessed me with a sneak peek inside the forthcoming Made in Space Spring/Summer 2010 collection by Sydney fashion label Eleventh Commandment. Five months and 120 pieces later, the innovative line offers Australian made denim and apparel for both men and women including: jeans, chinos, tees, shorts, dresses, bodysuits, singlets and boardies.

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