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Andrew Fairclough

There’s a wonderful sense of symmetry amongst the sharp lines and clean, crips graphics of Sydney-based designer, Andrew Fairclough’s work. His clients are generally US and Canadian, for whom he … Read more

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Jessie Hill

You’d be hard-pressed finding a designer with a more impressive background than Jessie Hill. While most of us were waiting to outgrow our awkward teenage years, she was already on … Read more

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342 Seconds

The graduate exhibition of third year graphic design students at Sydney’s Design Centre is called 342 Seconds and relates to the estimated time required to view the show. The exhibition … Read more

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Dion Lee’s ‘mitosis’ fashion

If you thought that fashion and science had nothing in common, think again. Now we creative types have little time for heavy discussion about scientific facts, so we’ll get straight to … Read more

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August + Pemberton

Finding an original accessory these days is a bit of a rarity. I mean, when every second person you see is wearing one of those damn Palestinian scarfs, you know … Read more

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